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Take half a day out to develop a clear, effective marketing strategy for your business.

Mark Prince“Growth does not come by accident (or even through incredibly hard work) but through clever business design, careful decision-making, good advice and diligent implementation.”

– Mark Prince

Many of the companies we work with are already experts in their industry, but they are held back by not knowing how to market and grow in the digital age.  We have developed systems to get the most out of both your and our time and the foundation of this is our half-day marketing session, working with you to plan your marketing goals and strategy.

This session enables us to take a strategic view of your business, identifying the best opportunities to engage with new customers, build your brand and develop strategies to retain and re-connect with current and past clients. The ideas that flow in the session and the information that is extracted provides an outside view of your company and will challenge your assumptions about what direction your marketing (and sometimes even your business) should take.


To learn more about what the session covers, the team involved and a sample structure, download the PDF at the top of this page.

This is all brought together in a single document which details your proposed marketing strategy, including timescales, strategic phases, visual designs (where appropriate) and budgets.

  • Set the goals for your marketing

  • Identify your target markets

  • Discuss ideas with experienced experts

  • Evaluate your online and offline branding

  • Receive a clear implementation plan

“Spending half a day with The Design Mechanics’ team really challenged us on the direction we were taking – it quickly became obvious why we were not making the sales we needed to.”

What does the session cover?

Our half-day marketing session allows each of our in-house specialists to get hands-on access to you and your company.  This lays a solid foundation of understanding from many different angles including sales, marketing, business development, digital and creative. More importantly, getting all the decision-makers in the room together provides a far better reality of your business than if we just asked you to prepare documentation of the facts and goals that you think relevant.

After the half-day, we hold our own internal session to collate what has been agreed and to form a strategic marketing framework.  The cost is £2,500 to cover the session and the creation of the strategy document, providing the roadmap for rolling out your new marketing strategy.  You may wish to roll-out the strategy yourself with your own internal skill set or you can appoint The Design Mechanics team to implement and manage your company’s ongoing marketing.

Want to talk further?

Before deciding if the session is right for you, let’s start with a general chat about your business and your current goals or frustrations. This can be on the phone, through Skype or why not in person over a coffee? 

Call Stewart on 01484 841 088 or email to talk.

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