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Many manufacturing companies still rely on pre-Internet strategies to find new business, but with customers becoming unwilling to directly engage with a supplier until late on in their decision-making process, traditional opportunities to directly ‘sell’ have become limited.

Few manufacturers have the marketing experience to engage with these new buying behaviours. This 24-page guide by The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Manufacturing Ambassador Dave Pannell explores the culture clash between marketing and manufacturing and looks at some of the strategies you can employ to capture these Invisible Buyers.

24-page guide contents:

Part one – A culture clash

  • Foreword
  • The world of business has changed
  • Why are manufacturers poor marketers?
  • Cultural challenge one: Generational businesses and change-resistant workforces
  • Cultural challenge two: Lack of a sales and marketing strategy
  • Cultural challenge three: Not reacting quickly enough

Part two – Creating your strategy

  • Market to your team before your customers
  • Brand in the digital age
  • Building a personal brand
  • Using your website to capture the Invisible Buyer
  • Email marketing for manufacturers
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Export marketing

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Capturing the invisible buyer

Because of the amount of information freely available online, an industrial buyer no longer has to engage with a manufacturer to gather information.  We call this the invisible buyer syndrome. How do you get them to reveal themselves and engage with them before they go to your competitor?

Capturing the invisible buyer

Can manufacturers become better marketers?

How can manufacturers get better at marketing?

Even though manufacturing and engineering companies know they need to get better at selling themselves, why is the industrial sector (in general) still so bad at it?  There are many reasons why manufacturers and engineers perform poorly at marketing, and many of these are cultural.

Manufacturers and marketing


social media for manufacturers

Social media for manufacturing

Just because you have an industrial business, don’t write-off social media. More than half of the UK population now have an active Facebook account which means a proportion of your customer base will be on there – you just need to approach it from a different angle.

Social media for manufacturing


Business Funding

What funding is your manufacturing business missing out on?

If your company is planning to spend money on equipment, training, strategy or anything that will result in you growing and creating jobs, then there is likely money available to support you.

Funding for manufacturing companies



How to build your personal brand in manufacturing

In every market there are recognised experts and personalities, the people leading the conversation and shaping the direction of the industry. If a company has a problem they gravitate towards these people for the answer – how do you become one?

How to build your personal brand


email marketing manufacturing

Email marketing for manufacturers

It’s easy to think email marketing is just spam. However, many manufacturers use email to generate new enquiries, nurture existing contacts or reconnect with old customers who have gone cold.

Email marketing for manufacturers