Dave Pannell CIM Manufacturing Ambassador

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our Marketing Director Dave Pannell as The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s new Manufacturing Ambassador for Yorkshire.

Dave has a stellar marketing background, with more than 20 years’ experience of business-to-business marketing and branding.  Much of that time has been spent working with some of the largest and brightest manufacturing companies in the area.  He commented, “Marketing has always been underrepresented, and you could argue undervalued, within manufacturing; but the sector as a whole is vital to our area.  Many manufacturers still rely on pre-Internet strategies to find new business though, and few have the marketing knowledge to engage with new buying behaviours. I’m really excited I’ve been given the opportunity to do something about that!”

Diane Earles, Network Manager for CIM, said “Dave has an infectious passion for the manufacturing industry, and we’re delighted to be able to appoint someone who is already doing so much to raise the profile of the sector as CIM Manufacturing Ambassador for the region”.


Marketing Director for Huddersfield-based agency The Design Mechanics, Dave has already been banging the drum for improvement in the sector, including running marketing boot camps with local manufacturing organisations and publishing the guide Marketing for Manufacturers.  In his guide he argues that many of the marketing challenges manufacturers face is not because of the technical nature of what they sell, but because of a change-resistant culture that can be slow to adopt new marketing methods.

Dave is reaching out to any manufacturers that want to join his crusade to improve the sector’s marketing knowledge.  Perhaps you are a manufacturer within Yorkshire who are already doing great things with your marketing, or maybe you need access to support  – email Dave on dave@tdmuk.com or call the office on 01484 841 088.

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