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Manufacturing website design

LJ was the first dye and chemical supplier worldwide to have Marks & Spencer accredited laboratories and technicians. They have been supplying the textile market for over 30 years, exporting to over 60 countries spanning five continents.

Our role was to visually re-position the company as the leader in their marketplace, combined with a digital marketing strategy to increase the company’s online presence and enquiries.

Contracts with large multi-national companies such as car manufacturers only become available once every several years. The company needed to make sure that when potential customers came to reassess their chemical and dye suppliers, LJ had already built up a credible presence in the minds of the buyers.


Starting with a brand audit of the entire organisation and how they sold their products, we worked with LJ’s team of experienced directors and managers to reinvigorate and relaunch the brand at every level of the business.

At the centre of the relaunch was the creation of the LJ Innovation Centre, looking to strengthen and formalise the company’s adhoc relationships with both with academia and industry research.

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Using a website to identify and then nurture a buyer

Three quarters of industrial buyers now turn to search engines to find suppliers but almost 75% don’t want to interact; not until they’ve narrowed down the options to just a couple of manufacturers based on what they find on their websites

Moving LJ over to a system where users had to register to get full product information, or at the very least leave an email address to download a brochure, meant the company could start identifying and engaging these ‘invisible buyers’ early on in their decision-making process.

Where was LJ’s brand at the start of the project?

The LJ brand was overdue a refresh and the website especially was several generations old. The ‘bird’ logo didn’t work well at different sizes or online, and the word ‘Specialities’ no longer had any relevance. We found that both staff and customers referred to the company as just ‘LJ’ and so used this for the rebrand.


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Dave Pannell

Dave Pannell is the creative force behind The Design Mechanics and the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Manufacturing Ambassador for Yorkshire.  Dave has worked with both national and international brands and is one of the few marketers to specialise in industrial B2B sectors.

Dave has helped hundreds of businesses over the past 20 years with their branding and marketing and is also a regular keynote speaker and marketing blogger.