Branding for manufacturers: how you can nurture customer relationships using personal branding

Dave Pannell

As a manufacturing company, even if you’re effectively employing a strong market-leading brand across platforms, you may not yet have considered how useful personal branding can be.


Remember: customers come to you not to buy products – they come to you to solve their problems.


The problem-solving skills of your engineers are one of your major assets. Are you making the most of these people and the relationships they have with your customers?


Your engineers are often the employees who see your customers on the most regular basis. Their faces are known, and they help you win and retain the work. Through the use of personal branding, your customers can feel even more connected to them (and therefore you) on a regular basis.


With effective use of personal branding your potential customers are given more confidence in using your company by having a friendly face and expert knowledge handed to them on a plate; this is often alongside easily-accessible recommendations from current customers. This mutual promotion of your company and your experts produces more satisfied customers, more potential customers and more potential profits.

Find out more about how you can nurture customers by building the personal brands of your staff in our 20 minute video on Branding for Manufacturers from our manufacturing marketing expert Dave Pannell.

Watch our video on branding for manufacturers

If you are not winning the right type of work, or attracting new employees into your business, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your company’s brand.


In this 20 minute video, The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Manufacturing Ambassador Dave Pannell explains why the way your company presents itself is vital in the modern world, and how engineering and manufacturing companies can improve their branding, both online and off. 

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